September 24, 2018

    After my failed attempt at love, London Escorts was the only people who were there for me.

    By / September 24, 2018

    I must be blinded by love because I was really devastated about what happened to me in the end. My journey started when I meet this lovely lady named Whitney Jennings. She was a bright young lady and always goes to our classes on time. I was attracted to her because she had a fantastic smile. We started talking and immediately began having feelings for each other.

    I thought that what we have is a sure thing, but I was wrong. But at first, our journey together was like a dream. She was always enthusiastic when we are talking to each other, and I still feel safe and loved when we are together. After a while, we became a couple, and it was great. We connected at a fantastic level, and every day was like a fantasy for me. She was not just a smart lady but a beautiful woman too. After we graduated college, we parted ways for a brief period but stayed in contact all the time. We survived a long distance relationship for over three months and then we decided to live together. But our relationship started having problems.

    She slowly showed her true colors, and it was terrible. I did not expect that she is a kind of woman who likes to control his boyfriend. I did not expect that it would happen to me because at that time our relationship was perfect. She and I were like lovebirds we always express our love for each other all the time. But we still did not give up on our relationship. Even though she already showed all her negative side, I still did not mind it because I loved her very much. I looked past her flaws because I did not want us to break up. I even quit my only job so that I could spend time with her. But in the end, after I had given everything up, she broke up with me.

    She told me that our relationship was not going anywhere. Which is true but lithe truth still hurts? What hurts me the most is that I knew that we would not last forever, but I even let myself be with her? I allowed my emotion to take control, and it did not end well for me. I never thought that i was the one who ends up being hurt in the end. I felt that what I was doing was right and I let my guard down. But I was incredibly wrong. Thankfully there are London Escorts. London Escorts always puts a smile on my face. Even though I was hurt London Escorts helped me get back up. I will always be thankful for what they did to me. Visit London escorts for £79p/h | escorts in London sx | The cheapest escorts in London for £79p/h, you wont find cheaper and more quality escorts

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