Starving after sex

By / December 1, 2016

When I have I go to the gym or have sex with boyfriend, I always end up starving afterwards. It is kind of funny but I do need to eat. The thing is that it is kind of hard to get good food around midnight. Unlike most other people, I don’t just need a biscuit or something like that. I actually need a complete meal and a curry would be idea. But our local curry places closes at 11 pm so there is not way that I will get a chance to have a complete meal. Most of the girls who work for Belgravia escorts think I am nuts, but I have always been hungry after sex.


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A lot of the girls at Belgravia escorts are surprised that my crazy eating habits do not make me fat. The thing is that I have never been able to put on weight really. I can eat like a horse and still not put on any weight. My neighbour who is a doctor is surprised that I don’t have high blood fats or high cholesterol, but no one in my family really suffers from that. We seem to be able to eat what we want.

When I am not too busy at Belgravia escorts, I like to cook as well. It is not something that I do every day as I like to take my time to prepare a nice meal. When I have a couple of days off from the escort agency, I like nothing better than to spend some time preparing and planning a meal for friends. It normally starts with me going shopping in the morning, and to be honest, I always pick the best and freshest ingredients for our dinner parties. There is nothing like spoiling your guest a little bit.

Another meal that I like cooking is breakfast. These days so many people are hooked on having stuff like cereal for breakfast. That does nothing for me at all and I like to prepare a proper breakfast before I start my shift at Belgravia escorts. A proper breakfast for me is something like poached eggs on toast or French toast. I love breakfast and I think that we should take more time out to enjoy it.

Working for Belgravia escorts is something that I really love. The only problem is the shift system. For a foodie like me, it is a nuisance and I like to make sure that I really get all of the food that I need. Some of the girls at the agency tend to live on just snacks but that does not work for me at all. I need to have some proper food during the day. How some of the girls that I work with can sit down and just eat a banana for lunch amazes me. I would have to have something like pasta or something like that to keep my energy levels up. After all, I like to make sure that my gents get the most out of their dates.…

Bexley escorts go out for dinner

By / October 17, 2016

What do Bexley escorts of do when they don’t date? The Better Sex Guide receives a lot of emails from gents who would like to know what the girls from their favorite escorts agencies do in their spare time. Of course, escorts have private lives like everybody else, but often the girls like to spend some time together. Yes, on occasion they do talk shop, but on other occasions, they just like to have a good time. We invited a couple of the hot babes from Bexley to come in and see, to find out what they do when they are not escorting.


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Claire has been working for Bexley escorts for the last two years, and she says that she loves going out. As a matter of fact, as many of us as possible like to get together and go out on a girly date, she laughs. We are not really into clubbing so we tend to go out to dinner. Our favorite night out is going for Sushi. Most Sushi restaurants tend to be rather quiet, and we get a chance to sit down and have a nice chat. Sometimes we even book a private dining room.

Viveka also works for Bexley escorts services. Yes, I do love our Sushi nights out she says, but I also love to spa. We do not only eat Sushi but we like to spa as well. There are some great day spas around London, and we like to make the most of those. We call them our white bathrobe days and we have a really good time. A lot of them give you some free champagne and of course this is very popular. We all have our own favorite treatments, and I personally love facials. I find that all of the pollution here in London plays havoc with my skin.

Tina has been with Bexley escorts services for just over a year. She looks at the other two, and says: Let’s be honest, we love to shop. The other two girls do nod with big smiles on their faces. It is true, they say, we love to shop. This is probably our favorite day out. There are some great shops in London, and you don’t need to go to Oxford Street with the tourists. We love all of the smaller boutiques which you can find in places like Knightsbridge. They have some great deals as well.

The girls from Bexley escorts say that there is no point in working hard if you can’t have some fun. We all love to work but at the same time, we like to have downtime, says Viveka. A lot of our work is in the evening so it is nice to be able to go out during the day time. Shopping is my favorite thing but the great thing is that you can combine all of these activities. You can go shopping in the morning, to the spa in the afternoon and then out for Sushi in the evening. It would be my absolute perfect day.…

My Black Messiah – Then And Now

By / September 18, 2016

September 10th: the day that forever remains engraved in my mind. The queue for freshmen admission was intolerable, and this guy who kept throwing glances at me made it worse. I was the kind of focused lady, who wore spectacles like a nerd and dressed conservatively. I did not like my acne-filled face, so when anybody stared at me, I knew he/she has noticed my “shame”.

“Hi, I am Greg,” the ‘stare’ guy introduced himself on my way out. “I am Sally,” I said hurriedly as I walked away.

Greg was tall, dark and handsome. His well-built muscles and cute smile made me fall for him but the proud, stereotypic and racist me wouldn’t let me enjoy my new catch. They say that love rekindles the heart, and that’s what Greg did to me. After his countless persuasions, I caved in. I have made many decisions in life, but this is one of the best.

Greg did not just teach me how to love him, but he also taught me how to appreciate myself. I always had esteem issues. Greg made me ditch my conservative wear. He would always bring me a sexy dress and ask me to try it on. On every such occasion, I realized how beautiful these dresses made me feel. With time, I got rid of my boring wardrobe. Today, I would not let anything put me down. My esteem is so high such that I model for a top designer. Talk of life turning around!

They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I ascertained this belief when Greg first tasted my cherry. It was a cold night. Greg had taken me out for dinner. We had planned to watch a movie after dinner. When we got to his room, he popped Champagne and put on some slow music; the kind that makes one fall in love over and over again. He held me tight and we danced to the rhythm of the song. He bent over and kissed me gently. That kiss blew me away. I yearned for more. I grabbed Greg and kissed him like I would never again. Greg responded positively, I could feel his monster growing bigger. He kissed me more and more. Within no time, I was in my birthday suit and Greg was eating my cherry like it was his last meal.

I couldn’t say a word. All I did was to moan. Never had a man made me feel that sweet. He pulled out his member. Oh my! It was so huge I couldn’t help but scream. When he gave it to me, I went numb. He thrust inside me like he was about to win a lottery for it. I need not say how it ended because we all know I had climaxed more than three times. Since that day onwards, my love life is rejuvenated, and I couldn’t ask for more.

After college, Greg proposed and I said yes. My parents were against it but with time they accepted. It is five years since we got married and I got no regrets. He is still my price charming: my black messiah!

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