My Black Messiah – Then And Now

By / September 18, 2016

September 10th: the day that forever remains engraved in my mind. The queue for freshmen admission was intolerable, and this guy who kept throwing glances at me made it worse. I was the kind of focused lady, who wore spectacles like a nerd and dressed conservatively. I did not like my acne-filled face, so when anybody stared at me, I knew he/she has noticed my “shame”.

“Hi, I am Greg,” the ‘stare’ guy introduced himself on my way out. “I am Sally,” I said hurriedly as I walked away.

Greg was tall, dark and handsome. His well-built muscles and cute smile made me fall for him but the proud, stereotypic and racist me wouldn’t let me enjoy my new catch. They say that love rekindles the heart, and that’s what Greg did to me. After his countless persuasions, I caved in. I have made many decisions in life, but this is one of the best.

Greg did not just teach me how to love him, but he also taught me how to appreciate myself. I always had esteem issues. Greg made me ditch my conservative wear. He would always bring me a sexy dress and ask me to try it on. On every such occasion, I realized how beautiful these dresses made me feel. With time, I got rid of my boring wardrobe. Today, I would not let anything put me down. My esteem is so high such that I model for a top designer. Talk of life turning around!

They say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. I ascertained this belief when Greg first tasted my cherry. It was a cold night. Greg had taken me out for dinner. We had planned to watch a movie after dinner. When we got to his room, he popped Champagne and put on some slow music; the kind that makes one fall in love over and over again. He held me tight and we danced to the rhythm of the song. He bent over and kissed me gently. That kiss blew me away. I yearned for more. I grabbed Greg and kissed him like I would never again. Greg responded positively, I could feel his monster growing bigger. He kissed me more and more. Within no time, I was in my birthday suit and Greg was eating my cherry like it was his last meal.

I couldn’t say a word. All I did was to moan. Never had a man made me feel that sweet. He pulled out his member. Oh my! It was so huge I couldn’t help but scream. When he gave it to me, I went numb. He thrust inside me like he was about to win a lottery for it. I need not say how it ended because we all know I had climaxed more than three times. Since that day onwards, my love life is rejuvenated, and I couldn’t ask for more.

After college, Greg proposed and I said yes. My parents were against it but with time they accepted. It is five years since we got married and I got no regrets. He is still my price charming: my black messiah!

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