Starving after sex

When I have I go to the gym or have sex with boyfriend, I always end up starving afterwards. It is kind of funny but I do need to eat. The thing is that it is kind of hard to get good food around midnight. Unlike most other people, I don’t just need a biscuit or something like that. I actually need a complete meal and a curry would be idea. But our local curry places closes at 11 pm so there is not way that I will get a chance to have a complete meal. Most of the girls who work for Belgravia escorts think I am nuts, but I have always been hungry after sex.


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A lot of the girls at Belgravia escorts are surprised that my crazy eating habits do not make me fat. The thing is that I have never been able to put on weight really. I can eat like a horse and still not put on any weight. My neighbour who is a doctor is surprised that I don’t have high blood fats or high cholesterol, but no one in my family really suffers from that. We seem to be able to eat what we want.

When I am not too busy at Belgravia escorts, I like to cook as well. It is not something that I do every day as I like to take my time to prepare a nice meal. When I have a couple of days off from the escort agency, I like nothing better than to spend some time preparing and planning a meal for friends. It normally starts with me going shopping in the morning, and to be honest, I always pick the best and freshest ingredients for our dinner parties. There is nothing like spoiling your guest a little bit.

Another meal that I like cooking is breakfast. These days so many people are hooked on having stuff like cereal for breakfast. That does nothing for me at all and I like to prepare a proper breakfast before I start my shift at Belgravia escorts. A proper breakfast for me is something like poached eggs on toast or French toast. I love breakfast and I think that we should take more time out to enjoy it.

Working for Belgravia escorts is something that I really love. The only problem is the shift system. For a foodie like me, it is a nuisance and I like to make sure that I really get all of the food that I need. Some of the girls at the agency tend to live on just snacks but that does not work for me at all. I need to have some proper food during the day. How some of the girls that I work with can sit down and just eat a banana for lunch amazes me. I would have to have something like pasta or something like that to keep my energy levels up. After all, I like to make sure that my gents get the most out of their dates.

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